Our Story, By God's Grace

When the stars align, everything is perfect in its time. There is no real explanation for how it happens, except that it’s their destiny, and something that is planned for them – It is when all the stars of your sky are in a perfect position; that an unexpected and nearly impossible event takes place. Andy and Joanne are this perfect occurence.

This romance is a story about two people who were made for each other. It was a gift by God. He is always watching over them, making sure that their lives would eventually intertwine. God’s love is neither earned nor attained, it is simply received. This romance is a story of a perfect occurrence, that the 5th month in its numeric form represents God’s grace and the 7th date representing perfection and completion. This romance is a gift of God’s love. We celebrate that, and the holy matrimony of Andy, and Joanne.

A Sneak Preview.

Our Blessed Wedding

May 7th 2017

Sheraton Hotel
39 Scotts Rd
Singapore 228230

Solemnisation: 3pm
Wedding Reception: 6pm
Wedding Dinner: 7pm Sharp


Our Wedding Team

Our Important Guests

We're blessed to have the company of our guests to witness our important union. Kindly let us know your dietary preferences as well as your details so we can reach out to you on the wedding. Thank you so much for being a part of our big day.



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